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Ettore Selli
Ettore Selli

Ettore Selli nasce nel 1989 a Bologna, dove svolge gli studi classici e si laurea con pieni voti in Ingegneria ambientale.

Plant Mazes
by Ettore Selli

The fascination of labyrinths is also linked to the aura of mystery and legends created around this ancestral symbol, which appeared during the Bronze Age. The symbol immediately took on a strong spiritual significance for all civilisations. Men discovered and used this symbol to represent the difficult condition of humanity in its relationship with the divine and spiritual dimension.

This book brings together over four hundred perennial plant labyrinths, i.e. those in which the plant from which they are made survives over the years, located in almost sixty countries around the world. It is an invitation to explore the most fascinating and important ones, which stand out for the complexity of their layout, their imposing size or their unquestionable historical and artistic importance. Following an alphabetical order, by continent and nation, then by geographical coordinates, the reader is revealed to the incredible mazes that lie hidden among forests, public parks and private gardens. Each dedicated page, marked with the Olympic colour of the continent of reference, consists of an illustrated description and the main data of the labyrinth: the construction material (i.e. the plant species of which it is composed), the date of construction, the geographical coordinates and the contacts.

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