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Pages 128, Size 21 x 30 cm. more than 200 photos in colour and B.W.

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Masayoshi Sukita
Masayoshi Sukita

is one of the greatest Japanese photographers. After graduating from the Japan Institute of Photography, Sukita began working as a professional photographer and by the end of the 1960s he had developed a great interest in subcultures, which led him to participate in the Woodstock Festival in 1969.

David Bowie by Sukita
by Masayoshi Sukita

The story of David Bowie's life photographed and told by the photographer who almost continuously followed the birth and success of the versatile artist. More than two hundred colour and black-and-white photographs collected in a volume whose graphics highlight the splendid photographs.
First meeting with Bowie in 1972, Sukita remembers “Seeing David Bowie on stage opened up my eyes to his creative genius. I watched Bowie perform with Lou Reed and it was so powerful, Bowie was different to the other rock and rollers, he had something special that I knew I had to photograph”.
Bowie moved with Iggy Pop, to Berlin on 1977, sharing vices and passions.
So, became the protagonist of Sukita's lens, which with these images, completes the story of an era as complex as it is fascinating. In fact, all the ingredients of those manipulative strategies of self-image that could be found in art as well as in music at the time date back to the Seventies, and of which David Bowie, above all, certainly represented the quintessence.
Far from the hasty and limiting concept of rock photography, Sukita uses her camera lens to create classic, and therefore timeless, portraits.

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